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Kishmish is a Bengali romantic Love Story movie which was released on 29th April, 2022 in Bengali on Eid day. The director of this movie is Rahool Mukherjee. The main characters are Dev, Rukmini Maitra. The supporting cast includes Kharaj Mukherjee, Kamaleshwar Mukherjee, Anjana Basu and June Malia.

Kishmish Bengali Movie
Directed by Rahool Mukherjee
Written by Rahool Mukherjee
Produced by Dev
Main Cast Dev, Rukmini Maitra,
Cinematography Modhura Palit
Edited by Amit Ray
Music by Nilayan Chatterjee
Production companies Dev Entertainment Ventures, M.K. Media
Distributed by SSR Cinemas
Release date 29 April 2022
Ticket Price RS 100-300 INR Rupees
Country India
Language Bengali
OTT Release Date TBA
Streaming Partner Disney + Hotstar
90 Lakh
Box Office Collection TBA

Going to college, Tintin had a talk with 'Topper' Rohini Sen.  As two people from almost opposite poles, it starts with a fight.  When 'I vs. You', 'I vs. I', neither of them realized.

The word love is just like raisins.  Even though it looks bad, it is sweet to eat .... "This is exactly what Deb heard in Tintin's face. Even though his mother called him by this name, his father's name was Krishanu. Before going to the new college, Tintin started thinking of himself as 'Felu-da'.  If not, the color-brush-canvas-comic character keeps spinning in my head all the time.

Kismis Bengali Movie Trailer

Going to college, Tintin had a talk with 'Topper' Rohini Sen.  As two people from almost opposite poles, it starts with a fight.  When 'I vs. You', 'I vs. I', neither of them realized.  Then the pain of love, pride, distance, complexity all together gradually become clear the meaning of love.  Both Tintin and Rohini set out to find the meaning of raisins, but sometimes on the way ...

Tintin-Rohini is coming up with this sweet love story, Rahul Mukherjee's film 'Raisin' (Kishmish).  The main characters are Dev and Rukmini Maitra.  There are also a bunch of tolly stars.  Artists like Kharaj Mukherjee, Kamleshwar Mukherjee, Jun Malia, Anjana Basu, Lily Chakraborty are performing.

'Raisins' is being produced by Dev Entertainment Ventures.  The cinematography of the film is handled by Madhura Palit and the music is directed by Neel Chatterjee.  If all goes well, the film will be released on April 29.

Enthusiasm and curiosity started waking up in the minds of the viewers as soon as the news of the film was leaked.  The first announcement was made in February 2020 about the arrival of 'raisins'.  This rum-less drama of Dev-Rukmini was supposed to be released first in Durgapujo and later in winter.  But Corona goes back to film work for Atimari.  Everyone returned to the floor when the situation became a little normal.  'Raisins' will come this summer.

Kishmish Bengali Movie Photo

Superstar Dev will be seen in three roles in 'Raisins'.  It can be said that three periods will be highlighted in the film.  After school and college, he became a comic book artist.  And in the interest of the character, Dev had to lose a lot of weight in a few days.  Dev's followers are already fascinated by this.

Earlier, director Rahul Mukherjee told Aajtak Bangla, "The biggest USP of our film is story and content. Even Dev Da himself has said it. The way every actor and crew has performed, animation, CG are all important. Yet I think  The backbone of a film is the 'content'. The complexity of the relationship, the love, the way the whole picture is arranged is the most different. This film is a must see for viewers of all ages. It is the story of a family relationship. "

Incidentally, Dev and Rukmini have worked together in multiple films.  Their films like 'Champ', 'Cockpit', 'Kabir', 'Kidnap', 'Password' are huge hits at the box office.  Dev and Rukmini will be working together for the sixth time in 'Raisin'.  The trailer has already begun to respond, too.  So everyone has a lot of expectations around this picture.
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